Moving you forward

Welcome to Dazzle Pictures, home to some of the industry’s most extraordinary talent – artisans of our craft with a passion for perfection that sparkles and shines through every pixel we put our name on. 

We’re every boy and girl who grew up fantasizing in front of the silver screen, every dreamer who lost track of time and space in the wonder of moving pictures. We’re the endlessly creative visual artist driven by a hunger for dreaming up new and exciting ways to bring your vision to life and tell your story like no one else can.

To dazzle – to amaze or overwhelm. It’s as much our name as it is our mission: to excite and delight audiences with awe-inspiring, pixel-perfect craftwork that courses through your veins and raises the hairs on your arm until the lights come back on. 

Meet our dazzling team!

Volker Woerz

Volker is the rock that keeps our operation rolling. Client confidant, a skilled negotiator with an eye for detail some might call OCD, but we call good business.

Geoffrey R. Case

The award-winning 3D artist turned Master of Production. Not a pixel leaves the building without Geoffrey's blessing. Hardly a joke leaves his lips that gets ours.

Roman Ocenas

The Majordomo of the Dazzle Pictures board, behind-the-scenes boss and infinite optimist, without Roman's vision we are a ship without a navigator.

We're obsessed with blurring the lines between imagination & reality, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. 

Join our fast-growing team in Prague, one of Europe’s premier creative hubs, where every day gifted visual artists and storytellers are making huge contributions to our industry across the planet and beyond.

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