Our services

We make the work of content creators shine brighter with VFX that astounds, astonishes and dazzles.

Episodic Work

There’s a reason why the world’s most iconic streamers and broadcasters turn to Dazzle Pictures. Our team understands the craft - and the business - of creating VFX for episodic content, and lives to transform ideas into mind-blowing visual imagery.

Feature Film

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hollywood blockbuster or a budget production, our bread and butter is navigating the landscape of a filmmaker’s mind and emerging on the other side with a truly stunning rendition of his or her vision.


From FMCG to automotive, Dazzle Pictures delivers world-class VFX solutions for even the most challenging advertising projects. We know how to squeeze the power of persuasion out of every precious second your spot spends on the airwaves.

New Technologies

The pace of the VFX biz is dizzying. Virtual production and detailed CG animatics are the new norm. NFTs are driving up the value of creativity. You need a partner who thrives on tech challenges and pushes the envelope of what’s possible.

Product Demos

Our advances in photo-real CGI artistry and technology for products are truly dazzling. Sure, the time, cost and complexity of product shoots may buy you the real thing. What working with Dazzle Pictures buys you is even better than the real thing.

Customized Solutions

We don’t walk the cutting edge. We lay it down as we go. One of our greatest skills is dreaming up VFX solutions that don’t yet exist. Faced with a challenge you haven't found the answer for? Let us Dazzle Pictures you with a tailor-made solution.

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