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A Christmas Carol

In this BBC adaptation of the Dickens classic, Dazzle Pictures worked closely with Framestore London on numerous set extensions and was responsible for the sequences that required realistic snowfall and snow cover.

Bose Automotive

From concept to delivery, we injected some truly dazzling 3D motion artistry into this fun video production with the end goal of visually demonstrating the awesomeness of Bose's new in-vehicle sound system.


Our visual artists did a dazzling job-creating animatics & concepts for this stylish TVC and then bringing them to life with truly amazing 3D work, final compositing, editing and music to finish it off with real flare.

Charité S3

Our role in this award-winning German period piece was to transport the viewer to another time and place with dazzling DMP set extensions and cleanups that captured the milieu of a Berlin cityscape long gone.

Deutsche Telekom Sport

A series of short dreamlike TVC teasers for sporting events sponsored by Deutsche Telekom Sport. Dazzle was responsible for the delivery of complete VFX services from set supervision to digital matte painting and compositing.


Dazzle Pictures is proud to have led on-set supervision and carried the complex CG work necessary to reconstruct medieval Prague and the famous Charle's Bridge in the most ambitious and expensive Czech film production to date showcasing the life of the Czech revolutionary and brilliant war strategist, Jan Žižka.

Mercedes-Benz: G-Class

A TVC featuring the Mercedes-Benz: G-Class series. Our task was to showcase the aesthetics of this custom vehicle through a unique combination of time-lapse projections, stunning full CG shots and some truly artful compositing.

Red Rose S1

Dazzle Pictures has officially entered the world of the supernatural with our work on Red Rose. Our work included creating the myriad of ghostly phone and computer screens that take over the lives of teenagers in small-town England.


We provided on-set VFX supervision on this two-part TVC for American RingCentral set in the Wild West and Ancient Rome that gave us an opportunity to deliver stunning set extensions and clean-ups, DMP works on backgrounds, greenscreen keying & inserts for a truly lifelike journey back in time.

Sitiados: México

Our complete VFX work including dazzling set extensions and CG scenes deliver an amazingly precise rendition of 17th century Mexico and the torrid world of pirates, thieves and intrigue that took place there.

The Capture S2

Truth is the real victim here as Dazzle Pictures brings to life this fantasy of unreality, deepfakes, and visual trickery. We barely dare trust our own eyes as screens and information become literal characters in this CCTV thriller.

The Old World by Red Bull

In this first dedicated European bike film by Red Bull Media House that bridges the gap between mountain biking and BMX, Dazzle Pictures was responsible for all on-set VFX supervision and green screen keying, particle systems and CG creation of abstract spaces.

Dazzle Pictures Showreel

Click the button to enter a world where impossible dreams take flight in a wonderland of visual special effects, where fantasy becomes reality. Jump in and get a taste of what we’ve been up to in our latest showreel. Enjoy, it’s been created with love.

Advertising VFX Reel

Here’s a cheeky little showreel featuring some of our advertising work. Cars, coffee, flying books, and ballers shooting hoops above the clouds. It’s all in a day’s work, and it’s all here for you to take a cheeky little look-see.

Film & Episodic VFX Reel

Boy, have we been busy of late, creating aliens, underwater sea monsters, snowy landscapes, medieval cities, and explosions. Take a quick break and check out our newest movie- and episodic-oriented showreel. See how many of them you can recognize.

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